As anyone who has battled with weight problems knows, the diet plans out there are too crazy or expensive or dumb. I would never end up any better than before. I used to be a size 20 and I felt terrible about myself, so much so that I wouldn’t even go out anymore unless necessary.

My husband stumbled on Forever Clean 9 and decided to try it out. I lost so much weight in the first six months. It was not difficult, I didn’t feel hungry all the time, and I actually had energy.

I also just needed to walk for exercise, nothing crazy. I am down to a size 12! It changed my life. I feel like I have been reinvented—into a new, more confident me!”

Ledia J., Los Angeles



In October 2015 I tried the Clean 9 for health reasons….my digestion was off and I was too heavy and tired all the time. After just a few days I felt better and in good spirits, and after just 9 days I had gotten rid of 11 pounds and 8.5 inches! My waist had returned—wahoo!

My skin and hair were also greatly improved and my energy was flying high. People started saying the nicest things. It worked so fast and I was so encouraged to keep it up that I later started the Nutri-Lean Program.

I kept on losing weight and inches. I love Forever Lean because I can have some goodies without ruining my cute figure. I dug out my old clothes and my husband can’t believe how young I look!

I am so happy and feel so healthy.”

I lost almost 28 pounds by December. I am down to a size 14.

Rachel L., San Diego



When I became a distributor for Forever and started using the Forever Clean 9 Program, I had high hopes.

The first days were rough, but once I got through, I could see a difference: 8 inches gone! I couldn’t believe what I saw in my reflection.

I wanted to try the Clean 9 again after the Nutri-Lean program, and the weight practically fell off (8 pounds worth), including another 8 inches, for a total of 16. People were saying such nice things to me and I couldn’t believe how shiny and glowy my hair and skin were! I felt amazing.

So I reflected on the whole experience, and I knew that I couldn’t just keep on cleansing alone, so I decided to start the Forever Clean 9 maintenance program.

I don’t always do the program like you’re supposed to but I certainly know that the program works super well!”

Lorraine K., Orange County


Having kids takes its toll on your body. I had tried everything to lose my baby weight, even buying time with a trainer. Nothing worked, not even diets. I had nothing to lose, so I tried the Clean 9 after I became a distributor. After the Clean 9, I stuck with the program and tried the Nutri-Lean program, including body toning, and I lost 28 pounds in 5 weeks.

The first day of all of it was the most challenging, but once those toxins were gone, I felt awesome. I had energy and saw results right away.

I can’t believe how good I feel. I love stepping on the scale. I splurged on a bunch of size 8 dresses as a reward for finally keeping the weight off.

I recommend this program to everyone I know. It’s a great way to meet your weight loss goals!”

Debbie N., Sacramento


The end of day 9. I’ll do an official weigh in tomorrow but, seems I’ve lost about 7 lbs. I broke my ankle last year and haven’t managed to do as much exercise as I would have liked.. But I’m happy with how it’s gone. The programme is sometimes hard, very hard! Just keep focused and you’ll get through the tough days.. I found days 6-7 the hardest… Lots of temptation, managed to keep going.

What I will say is that C9 teaches you that you don’t have to starve doing a diet.. Loved the shake for breakfast and lunch.. I’m definitely going to carry on doing that.. Found a new fast food too, FRUIT… Never crossed my mind to have an apple rather than the 60p Mars bar from the works vending machine. That brings me to another point… Yes I know that the initial outlay may seem expensive, but really have noticed I’ve hardly spent on groceries this past week.. And what I have bought is healthier than I’ve bought before, no junk, actually saving money.

Think what I’m saying is, this is a great way to kickstart a new lifestyle change, not a diet.. It does work, really… The aloe Vera isn’t that bad to drink, the shakes are great, with almond or coconut milk.. I do feel I have more energy during the day and I sleep much better at night.. Lastly I’d like to thank Angelika McDonald for the advise and support through the C9 pack.. Looking forward to seeing what’s next..

— Chris K., Los Angeles


I recently took on the formidable challenge of completing the Clean 9 detox. Being a professional rugby player for 13 years I have put my body through the ringer and as I got older I started to get some lower back pain which increased as time went by. To be able to do my job ( yes playing rugby is a job let alone what my wife thinks) I had to take anti-inflammatory drugs to get out of bed in the morning. As an effect of taking these drugs, I quite often had rough guts ( much to the displeasure of the misses ).

Anyway this went on for 3 years, so after retiring I decided I needed to clean out my insides and the clean 9 was just the thing to do it. The fact that my wife sells the forever product, I have heard a lot of the stories of how tough it was so to be honest I was a little nervous. I did the Clean 9 purely to try and sort out my insides but I had no idea what an impact it would have on my body and my attitude to eating.

I started the Clean 9 a month after I played my last game of professional rugby. The morning of day 1, I stepped on the scales and I was surprised to see my weight at 102.8kg as my playing weight was always around 105kg. I took the measurements of my arm, leg, butt, gut and chest and didn’t really expect to see much of a change in them at the end.

Day 1 and 2 were a lot easier than I expected. I didn’t mind the aloe and I really liked the shake. Day 3 through 9 was a breeze. As there is extra product in the box and I was enjoying my new healthy way of eating and feeling great I decided to do day 1 and 2 again.

Judgement day. I stepped onto the scales and weighed in at 92.7kg. After taking the 5 measurements again I had lost 26cm ( over 10 inches). I did the detox to sort out my insides but was stoked with how it also transformed the outsides. I have never felt better. I have more energy than previously and a new outlook on things I put in my body. No more rot gut (my wife can attest) and I am the most cut I have been since being a teenager. You can nearly see an ab! I loved the shake so much that I bought a heap more tins just to use as meal replacements for whenever I want or need.

Anyone who is considering doing the clean 9 detox, don’t hesitate. Just jump straight into it. You’ve got nothing to lose except some unwanted kg’s.

— Justinl P., Orange County


I’ve been slowly killing myself for years with my eating habits. I was carrying around 40 extra pounds, with high blood pressure, and early signs of IBS. I had tried every single diet on the planet, even total liquid diets. They work, but they are so hard, and as soon as I stopped the weight came right back.

I didn’t want to try Forever Clean 9 program for a long time. Who wants to starve all the time? But I was feeling bummed about my weight and my health and my doctor was not much help in recommending options for me. So, I decided to look at Forever Clean 9 program, and it gave me nutrition, instead of starving me. It cleaned me right up so I could absorb nutrients better and I decided to really give it a try.

I started with the Clean 9. It was tough at first, of course, but I stuck it out for two days. It got better for the next seven days, and wasn’t terrible.

After the cleanse I started the maintenance program which is really easy!

My lack of willpower is no problem—I don’t feel like I’m starving all the time.
My blood pressure is actually down.
My IBS is clearing up, and I have cut out milk products also.
I’m saving a lot of money from not buying junk food, so I can pay for Nutri-Lean without any problems.
I had a 14 pound weight loss in the first month, which is a healthy weight loss.
I have dropped 30 pounds total so far.
I am so much more energetic.
I look so much better, and I bought all new clothes.
Sometimes I don’t even need all the food recommended for me on the program because I’m not running around hungry all the time.

This program is awesome. No more ups and downs. Your health needs to come first. Nothing tastes as good as being thin!”

Robin E., Los Angeles


#Clean9 puts you on the path to a cleaner, healthier, happier you, cleansing your body of accumulated chemicals from years of unhealthy food choices. My weight dropped from 210 lbs to 185 lbs. I felt energetic and healthy throughout the program offered by Forever Clean 9.

My weight passed 200 lbs levels 4 years ago after I gave birth to my second child. I went on to take Forever’s detox and weight management program. At the end of it, I was given an unforgettable gift – in the form of reduced clothes size from 46 – 38. A pleasant experience that also gave results.

— Sherryll P., Los Angeles


After having started the Clean 9 + Lifestyle 30 program, it has been much easier for me to control my diet throughout the day . I have lost 20 pounds and feel much more energetic . What I like most about the program is the exercise that is recommended , since sports are an essential part of my life . My sister and I , as well as our family , have all enjoyed the wonder ful benefits o f aloe vera and all of the FLP products .

— Maritza P., New York

Thanks to the Clean 9 + Lifestyle 30 products , I have achieved what I have been trying to do since childhood . I have lost more than 60 pounds , and I feel wonderful with lots of energy . Thank you Clean 9 + Lifestyle 30!

— Leonela O., San Diego

I’ve lost 20 pounds with the Clean 9 + Lifestyle 30 programs . When I started the (Clean 9) program, I knew that it would be very dif ficult for me to lose the weight since I work at a “taquería,” a place that sells tacos . A fter two days of doing the program, I realized that it was going to work . As a result, many people are excited about how the program has helped me lose weight.

— Juana C., Los Angeles

I had many doubts when I first received the Clean 9 and Lifestyle 30 paks . I had tried many other weight loss programs before , yet had not obtained the results I was expecting . Having used both of Forever’s programs , I have now lost over 23 pounds , and I am very thankful to FLP for helping me improve my health a great deal.

— Gloria M , Riverside

First of all, I thank God for allowing me to know about Forever Living Products . These products have changed my life in a positive way . I used to be a person who had weight problems and low selfesteem. I used to weigh 183 lbs and was a size 38. I came across Clean 9 + Lifestyle 30 and decided to try it. The results were excellent! I lost 20 lbs and now I am a size 34 . These results gave me back my self-esteem and created good habits to manage my life . Now I recommend these products to others; they are the best!

— Manuel R., Palmdale

The Clean 9 + Lifestyle 30 products are really excellent because they are able to bring about changes in you that make you feel healthier and cleaner inside . Using the products , I was able to lose 15 pounds . Now I feel very happy and know that I can lose more weight. Thanks to FLP, I know that everyone can reach their weight loss goals!

— Maria J., Los Angeles