Clean 9 Detox Review


I had heard of the Clean 9, but was not sure exactly what it promised or if it would be hard to stick to. I really wanted to drop some pounds so I decided to give it a go.

Nine days seemed daunting, but I was determined to follow the course to see if it really worked. Some of the online reviews sounded too good to be true, reporting weight loss of up to eleven pounds. Skeptical, but curious, I started my Forever Living Clean 9 Detox journey, here’s how I got on.

What you get:

The Clean 9 set costs $96.00 and contains one tin of Forever Lite Ultra Shake, one shaker beaker, three 500ml bottles of Aloe Vera Gel, one jar of Garcinia Plus tablets, one jar of Bee Pollen tablets, a booklet to track progress, a guide on foods to eat, recipes for the 600 calorie meal allowance and one tape measure.

My Clean 9 distributor kept in touch with me throughout the detox via text, and was on hand to answer any questions I had, this was great especially during the first stage of the detox.

Day One & Two:

There’s a lot of Aloe Vera gel involved over the first two days and given its unpleasant taste and texture, it can be quite testing. I had a glass of cordial beside me to help disguise the aftertaste, as it literally makes you gag the first few times! You can’t eat at all and only consume the gel, bee pollen, Garcinia and you can have one of the shakes for lunch. That’s it. Eeeeek!

Day one and two are by far the hardest, and I would definitely recommend starting over a weekend, or on a day you’re not in work as you have no energy and the headaches and lack of concentration leave you fit for bed, and not much else.

Sleep is your friend for the first two days of this. By the end of day two I was motivated by the thought of having dinner on day three, so this really did help keep me focused and away from temptation.

Day three:

I weighed myself on day three and I was down two pounds, not surprising as I had consumed no solid food for two days. Day three to nine allows a shake for breakfast and lunch and a 600 calorie dinner. You drink the Aloe Vera gel throughout the whole detox, and the Garcinia tablets help boost metabolism, so you’re advised to take them before the shakes and dinner.
I measured myself on day three and I had lost about half an inch on my thighs and my tummy was down an inch. Quite impressive considering I hadn’t exercised. I was keen to see how the rest of the course would go when I started back on dinner.

Day Six

Day six was a tough day; it was the bank holiday weekend and I was feeling very sorry for myself. I slipped up and had a glass of wine and quickly regretted it. I compensated by doing a brisk walk the next day and upped my aloe vera by 50mls to do damage control. I felt it was important not be too hard on myself, as I still had three days to go and had seen the change start to become more noticeable.

My jeans were loose around my tummy and I fit into a dress that was too small for me previously. I was down five pounds and my energy levels were sky high. I felt amazing, didn’t miss caffeine anymore and my skin and eyes were glowing.

Day Nine

Day nine finally arrived and I raced to the scales to see the results – I had lost a total of seven pounds and four inches. I was ecstatic! I still felt like I looked the same, maybe a little slimmer, but really saw the difference in clothes. I kept weighing myself to be sure it was correct! It’s been two weeks since I finished the Clean 9 and I haven’t put the weight back on.
I have tried to maintain a healthy diet during the week and get some light exercise in twice a week, but you have to have a life so I’ve had a few nights out and dinners, etc.

I can genuinely say the Clean 9 works, and while it’s not easy – the rewards more than make up for it.



It’s a perfect detox to do before the party season and can help you lose those extra pounds before an event. I will definitely revisit it in the New Year. In the meantime I am sticking with the Aloe Vera Gel, as it’s done wonders for my skin – even if it does taste rank!

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